Compliance and Permits

Why is compliance disclosure a key factor in choosing your service provider?

  • It is likely that the service provider is not compromising environmental
    regulations to meet service obligations
  • It is likely that the service provider has met financial assurance requirements as established by the TCEQ
  • It is likely that the service providers vehicles, equipment, and containers are safe and environmentally compliant
  • It is likely that the service providers employees have been trained to do there job safely & compliantly

Why is it important to choose a compliance service provider?

  • To ensure your waste service will sustain on schedule
  • To ensure the service provider can meet financial liabilities for events that may impact your environment, community, and family
  • To ensure that the service provider operates as safely as possible in the
    communities they serve
  • To ensure employees are knowledgeable of applicable rules, regulations, and laws

Why is Pro Star Waste the best choice?

  • Because we are compliant, responsible and safe, which means you don’t have to worry about the above!
ProStar Waste Compliance & Permits Information

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