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For the convenience of our customers, we offer an online payment center, printable permit applications and helpful FAQs. For any other need, feel free to call us at 936-365-4210 OR 800-939-2122. Some Helpful Hints include:

Residential Waste Service Texas

For Residential:

Commercial Waste Service Texas

For Commercial:

Industrial Waste Service Texas

For Industrial:

  • Prompt payment will ensure continuation of agreed service. Pro Star Waste tracks the location and payment status of all carts.
  • When you start service, our driver may place the cart in a different location, in order to show you how cart is to be positioned at street. Remember
    to avoid placing cart near mailboxes, overhead wires, parked vehicles, bicycles, etc.
  • When lid is closed, trash will normally not fall out of the cart. Although the industrial plastic construction of the cart allows the trash to slide
    easily into the truck, bagging of loose items helps ensure the process.
  • If there is more than one family on your property, each family will normally need one cart.
    We always suggest trying one to start service, and then inquiring about a second cart if volume proves consistently more than one cart will hold.
    Remember, by tying bags loosely, the cart can hold 6-8 of the large standard trash bags. This is because air escapes as bags are piled on top of each other inside the cart.
  • Simply roll the cart to where trash is generated. The ease of movement is surprising to those unfamiliar with these carts.
  • Call (800) 939-2122 or (936) 365-4210 with any questions.
  • Pro Star Waste has become the largest independent hauler in the Lake Livingston area by helping commercial customers choose the most efficient waste disposal service for their needs.
    Our representatives visit retail, restaurant, manufacturing, hospital, and legal and professional businesses daily to consult, examine and tailor a solid waste program to fit each client.
  • Container size and frequency of service may be cooperatively designed with Pro Star Waste personnel, who have experience in the type and volume of trash for many types of businesses.
  • Prompt payment will ensure service continuation. Pro Star Waste closely tracks all account balances.
  • If there is a condition of an overloaded container, the driver will make the effort to empty trash actually inside the container, but we are not responsible for trash lying on the ground around the container or piled over the container sides or lids. If you consistently have trash piled on the ground around the container, you may need a larger size or more service.
  • By agreement, the customer is responsible for access to container(s). In cases where our truck cannot get to the container(s), the driver will attempt to contact the customer through the Pro Star Waste office. Circling back to empty blocked containers may result in an extra pickup charge.
  • Call (800) 939-2122 or (936) 365-4210 with any questions.
  • With consultation, Pro Star Waste personnel can help customers place the correct size container for the desired job. By law, all loads must be covered with the tarp in order to enter the landfill. This means debris should not be piled over the top of the container.
  • Overloaded containers that cannot be covered, inaccessible or blocked containers, and repositioning of containers all carry additional charges as specified in all service agreements.
  • Avoid hazardous items such as liquid paint, flammables, tires, appliances containing Freon or other coolant. Roofing is strictly limited to 20-yard containers for weight considerations. Dirt and concrete carry the same limitations. If a job is mixed dirt/concrete and other items, please consult our office to ensure the container may be picked up and removed, without incurring lost trip charges to allow for container reloading.
  • Most container services may be accomplished within 24-48 hours, depending on demand. Please allow sufficient time in your job planning for efficient debris removal services.
  • Call (800) 939-2122 or (936) 365-4210 with any questions.