Residential Services

Texas Residential Garbage Pick-Up We provide a 95 gallon cart for use with all residential and small commercial usage. The cart comes with instructions for usage and placement at the street. It sits on its base, not on the wheels, so it is very stable and as long as it is placed on level ground, will not tip over easily. Your cart has a serial number assigned to your place of residence or business. We track all our trucks with GPS to verify routes and times.Your cart will hold up to 6-8 of the large garbage bags of trash, by loosely tying each bag so air can escape as bags are piled into the cart. The cart can also hold yard debris, small appliances, toys, and other items as long as the lid can close. For further questions, please contact our friendly staff who can arrange delivery.

Pro Star Waste Trash Service Pro Star Waste Trash Service Automated Garbage CollectionPro Star Waste offers a transition from the manual collection of household garbage to an automated system. This new system has been tried and tested with great success throughout Polk and San Jacinto Counties, as well as many other cities across Texas and the United States. The system is much more efficient and offers many advantages.

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